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About Us

From fabric to finished garment, all in the same area, using a range of companies specialized in various stages of production in order to optimize timescales as well as ensuring product quality: these are the aims of Fashion Valley, a project developed in and around Prato to promote the chain production of textiles / clothing.

Through the use of a platform specially designed by MIT for the Prato district, this innovative project enables a network of companies covering the entire supply chain to meet the needs of emerging brands and young designers, plus those of distribution chains needing to produce quickly, in varying quantities and in a personalized way while never losing sight of the quality.

Fashion Valley is an innovative platform that connects creatives and companies in the fashion industry with the world of manufacturing in order to create new synergies. The platform consists of a public side, focusing on trends and fashion news, and a password-restricted back-end. Within the password-accessed back-end, fashion companies operating in every part of the textile production process, from making threads and fabrics to the final garment, can present themselves, their skills and specialties, as well as indicating production timescales and costs. Within the password-accessed back-end, designers, emerging brands and producers selling and marketing collections can provide information about their work, style and needs in order to identify potential manufacturing partners.

Fashion Valley offers a chain of production, with its professional experience and knowledge, within a platform that unites various textile production companies which work in the fashion industry – from producing threads and fabrics to making the final garment. This offers an opportunity to manage the entire production process within the same geographical area, drawing upon years of experience in the sector, people’s availability to work (even on limited collections) and the possibility to reduce production times. Fashion Valley provides a service that is not only online; the platform is actually a network of assistance that puts international creatives and companies in touch with local producers.


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