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Putting the Creativity on the Map - Project CREATE

  • 17 May
Putting the Creativity on the Map - Project CREATE
Creativity, innovation, and how these two work together to regenerate and revitalise an area of traditional production: these were the central themes of ‘Putting the creativity on the map’, an event which was held in the auditorium of the new headquarters of Prato’s Chamber of Commerce.
During the event, the project CREATE was presented. It is financed by the European Commission and the European Parliament, with Toscana Promozione, Prato’s Chamber of Commerce, Otir2020 and Ade International.
CREATE aims to transform the traditional textile district of Prato into a highly competitive international economy, making the most of the transformative power of innovation and creativity, and improving co-operation between companies.
This project is part of Fashion Valley, a platform for Tuscan fashion which was started in Prato, and which puts the creative capacity of the area at the disposition of creatives with the aim of forging new collaborations and partnerships.
“This project aims to be the starting point through which to tell the world about Prato’s productive capacity,” says  Lorenzo Guazzini, vice president of Prato’s Chamber of Commerce, “[The project aims] to make people understand that Prato can be a point of reference in which creatives, brands and industry experts can all find what they are looking for”.


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