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Made in Cardato Contest 2012: The winners

  • 22 Mar
Made in Cardato Contest 2012: The winners
The two winning prototypes, made of ecological Cardato matierlas, are called ‘Shaman’ and ‘Turtleneck.’ The jury of Made in Cardato Contest picked them as the best amongst six finalists. Turtleneck is a versatile, soft and elegant outfit, while Shaman is a wrap-around armchair in a turtle-like shape. The winner are Sofie Andersson for fashion and Jelena Jovanovic for Design. These two young designers were deemed the most able in reinventing the use of Cardato, symbol of Pratese textile production. The award ceremony was presided by the president of the Chamber of Commerce of Prato, Luca Giusti, and the president of the Association for the Promotion of Cardato textiles, Andrea Cavicchi. Each of the two winners were given a cash prize of 2,500 euro. THE WINNERS Sofie Andersson, a young Swedish designer who studied in Florence, where she now lives, wins with her prototype Shaman in the fashion section of the contest. The outfit composed of a top, pants and coat is inspired by softness, movement and versatility, enriched by a series of inserts in wool and metal for an aggressive look. In the Design section, Jelena Jovanovic, a young Serbian creative in her first international experience, wins with Turtleneck, an innovative armchair with a steel structure wrapped around a nest of wool fabric and yarn in a comforting shape that hugs the user, similar to that of a turtle’s shell. As she was not able to be present at the ceremony, the award was accepted on her behalf by Alessandro Capellaro, who worked with the three designers on their prototypes. THE JURY The jury Fashion area jury was made up of: Mirna Moretti, fashion designer and teacher at Polimoda; Francesco Barontini, AD BP Studio; Riccardo Rami, Riccardo Rami Studio Art, Textile and Industrial Design. The final judgment in the Design Area was expressed by: Cecilia Chiarantini, coordinator are design IED - Istituto Europeo di Design Florence; Matteo Ciuti, industrial designer; Riccardo Rami - Rami study Art, Textile and Industrial Design. Both juries were complemented by Riccardo Riccardo Rami Rami study Art, Textile and Industrial Design, who met the kids during their visit to Prato. The six finalists in the contest, three for each section, in December visited the district to see live operation of the processes and to get in touch with the manufacturers of the materials, which have then chosen and on which they have built their products. E 'is this the strength of the Made in Carded Contest: the fact that projects must be physically realized and that the final judgment is expressed on the quality of the prototype. GALLERY OF NIGHT AWARDS http://www.facebook.com/MadeinCardato


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