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Prato gives rise to Dodicidodici signed Fiona May

  • 12 Mar
Prato gives rise to Dodicidodici signed Fiona May
The district lends itself to a series of new experiences within the fashion realm. This time, its newest venture stems from the creativity of a sports star. Made almost entirely by artisans from Prato,

Dodicidodici is a new line of accessories and jewelry created thanks to a truly unique friendship between two-time long-jump world champion Fiona May and actress Sara Fioravanti. This collection of scarves, rings, scarf holders, and bags is brainchild of this singular pair of entrepreneurs and it’s geared toward young, modern women.
The refinement of its materials is the collection’s main focus. Its scarves are made in wool and denim, textiles that are printed with water-based ink and natural dyes. These rings, scarf holders and pendants are created in vengé ebony wood from the tropical areas of Africa (mainly the Congo) with a finishing shine in natural wax. It’s not the first time that the district’s expertise has become top choice for celebrities intent on trying their hand at fashion. Past success stories include footballers Christiano Vieri and Adrian Mutu (with the brand Souvenir Clubbing) and presenter Simona Ventura with her glamour line featuring velour sweat suits.
Last but not least, there’s the noteworthy experience of actor-director John Malkovich who launched a menswear line in Prato along with the Opifico JM concept store.


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