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Prato: the greenest production district in Italy

  • 07 Jun
Prato: the greenest production district in Italy
The most eco-friendly production district in Italy is Prato, according to the latest Ecodistretti Report carried out by Cartesio, which is now in its sixth edition.
Prato’s environmental policies mean that over the last few years the city has climbed through the ranks, from sixth position in 2009 to the top spot this year.
The Ecodistretti Report classifies Italian production systems based on the implementation of national and European guidelines for environmental policies. Six factors are evaluated: the presence of infrastructure aimed at reducing pollution and the management of waste and energy; the extent to which eco-friendly technologies are present within companies; the number of companies with an environmental certification; the number of environmental brands and labels produced in the district; the presence of environmental monitoring programmes; and the implementation of innovative eco-friendly projects.

PHOTO CREDITS: Marco Badiani


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