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Prato attracts investment from the Takisada-Osaka

  • 11 Apr
Prato attracts investment from the Takisada-Osaka
Takisada-Osaka is joining Sol Levante, Prato and China in a new network of relationships. The Japanese corporation has chosen the district of Prato as the European point of arrival for its subsidiary company ‘Stylem’. Among the world’s leading fabric wholesalers, the Japanese group has set up the wool factory Stylem Italia in Macrolotto 2. The long history of textile making, skill and creativity in the district was what attracted Takisada-Osaka, which was interested in producing high quality fabrics, for women’s garments, specifically aimed at the Chinese market where quality products are in increasing demand as consumer spending rises.

Find more information at  www.lanazione.it/prato/cronaca/2013/04/07/870141-prato-lanificio-giapponesi-stylem-takisada-osaka.shtml


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